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Bien Back (Rachel_web).jpeg

Dazzling front yard provides year-round color while utilizing run-off from roof by way of water collection from downspouts into the dry creek beds. Meanwhile, back yard fosters serene Zen-like sense with rambling gravel walkway from patio to master bedroom.

Bien Front (Rachel_web).jpeg
Bien Front (driveway side 2_Rachel).jpeg
Bien Front (side driveway heucherra_web).jpeg

Even the small side area off the driveway can provide interesting color from plants nestled beneath the existing Japanese maple and ornamental plum trees using hydrangeas, heucheras (coral bells) and Santa Barbara sage

Bien Front (side driveway hydrangeas_web).jpeg
Bien Back (walkway).jpeg
Bien Front (dry creek 3).jpeg
Bien Front (buddleja).jpeg
Carex tumulicola.png
Bien_New Gold Lantana (close-up).jpeg

Ornamental sedge hints of natural water (while not needing much); lantanas bring pops of bold color (New Gold and white); and dwarf butterfly bush brings even more wanted winged visitors (butterflies and hummingbirds)

Closer look at back path from patio to bedroom shows using gravel rather than traditional crushed granite to achieve a Zen-like affect, lined with Tinkerbell agapanthus leading to the specimen 

Oshio Beni Red-leaf Japanese Maple

Dry creek lazily makes its way across yard to a deeper basin as it gathers precious (and sometimes problematic) additional water from some misplaced patio downspouts in the wetter season

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