Additional Services

Ordering Plants

To make sure your design becomes a reality, we save you time and the headache of hunting down quality plants by partnering with local wholesaler Devil Mountain Nursery in Morgan Hill. They provide a wide array of landscape plants from their vast network of over 10 locations in Northern and Southern California as well as many growing areas throughout the Western states. Once we order (at contractor rates), your plants are delivered on site in coordination with your installer, saving time, money, and worry!

Price: 5% of order (min. $300)
Application for Water Rebate from SCVWD

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is making available rebates for lawn conversions (currently $200 for every 100 sq. ft. of lawn). Since your design will already contain the necessary plants, irrigation, etc. to qualify, we can take you through the entire process—submitting the proper forms (with necessary photos of lawn area, current irrigation equipment, etc; requests for additional offsets for new equipment/heads/valves/controller; proper verification of water district for rebate; etc); verification of area square footage; meeting Water District personnel on site; submission of qualifying plant list—to final receipt of rebate (up to $3000).

Price: $250