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Water Rebate Program from SCVWD
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Several years ago, in the height of the drought, the Santa Clara Valley Water District began making available rebates for lawn conversions (some cities as much as $4 for every sq. ft. of lawn and additional monies for irrigation equipment—click here to check on your city). Since then, every design produced has been approached from that water-saving concept through the use of drought-tolerant plants; employing layouts consonant with required low-delivery irrigation parts; carefully guided by state-of-the-art controllers; all without sacrificing the beauty or utility of your yard space (which is your organic living area). As such we combine all the needed parts for your yard to qualify for the existing rebate (up to a maximum of $3000-$4000+).

In doing so, you not only help the environment by saving water and installing plants and areas that work with the watershed. You provide more living area for wildlife of the smaller variety (think hummingbirds and butterflies and bees). And, in many cases, your rebate pays for most if not all of the design cost—providing you a beautiful and workable design of your choosing for free!


We also offer the service of making your application for you, taking you through the entire process and its requirements, including…

     • Submitting the proper forms (with photos of lawn area, current irrigation equipment, plant list, etc);

     • Submitting requests for additional offsets for new equipment/heads/valves/controller;

     • Submitting proper verification of water district for rebate;

     • Meeting the water district rep on site to verify qualifying area square footage;

     • Alerting your installer of the Notice to Proceed by the district (no work on site until then!);

     • Working throughout with Water District personnel online and on site;

     • Submitting finished landscape photos and qualifying plant list;

     • Tracking to final receipt of rebate (from $3000 to $4000+ depending on city of residence and equipment).

                                                                                             Price: $300

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