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Sketch What You See

Talking about your thoughts is one thing—seeing them on paper helps make them come alive. And some projects are too small for a regular design and its costs. That's when a consult becomes your best option.

As we walk the area or areas in question, I can ask some important questions to narrow down the focus and clarify what the possibilities might be for best area usage and drought tolerance: hardscape (patio areas, walls, walkways, play areas), landscape (plants, ground cover, percolation or drainage areas like dry creek beds), or buildings (storage, etc). We'll look at pictures of recommended plants and garden materials (cobbles, crushed granite, mulch top-dressing). Then I'll produce a rough sketch and a plants/materials list based on what's been determined to guide you or an installer through your installation.

Usual time: about an hour (possibly longer for larger yards.) Consult determined at time of meeting

Cirivilleri Front YardDesigns By Don.jpg
Moroconi:Front JPG (5:24:20).jpg
Phil_front 1.jpeg
Plant List_Ross.jpeg
Ross Front Yard Sketch.jpeg
Price: $300/first hr., $150/hr. after (same visit)
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