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(For more specifics, visit Anatomy of a Project)

Designing proper blueprints is a precise discipline—these will be a common reference for contractors in the industry and must follow precise specifications in delineating both materials used and locations. As such, each hand-drawn design will have:

We start with your ideas…then add some of ours…to get to the final installation of plants and cobbles to create that rustic wooded look consistent with your area (see below)

Guidry Back Yard DBD Rev. 8_18_23.jpg

Specific Scale: (e.g., 1/8"=1'-0, or 1/8" on drawing measures 1'-0 on property)

Accurate Plat Map: include exact layout and orientation of property (including house location and fence- or property-line referents where needed)

Specific Plant Location: specifically locate plants in exact area of installation*

Specific Plant Names, using both botanical and common names (e.g., Dietes iridioides or Butterfly Iris/Fortnight Lily), the number of plants used and their size (i.e., 5/1gal)

Specific Plant List, with details for recommended installation of plants, irrigation (where included in design), etc.

Use of industry-standard terminology for common ease-of-use

4 Blueprint Copies (as well as pdf copy) provided

*contractor will be responsible for final location of plants to produce maximum aesthetics and effect

"Lose the Lawn" — Lawn Replacement Rebates


Rebates for conversion from turf to low water-usage shrubs may be available from local water providers—please check with us for current availability and scheduling 

Due to California's current (and probably future) water usage requirements, all plants used in our designs will be as drought-tolerant as practical while being as aesthetically pleasing as possible; drip or low-delivery irrigation will be used throughout for water economy. And all materials will be commonly available in your area (vendor recommendations will be included on request; plant ordering from local wholesalers available—click here for details)

Downs Back Yard.jpeg

Example of converted lawn area—colorful, practical, and water-wise

Price: $1200 and up. See Residential for specific examples
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