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Meet on Site

After scheduling an initial meeting, we walk the area or areas in question. I can ask some important questions to determine the "scope of work" needed—whether a consultation is what's needed, or an actual design. You'll be provided an estimate at that time for cost of service and the time involved. Cost: no charge to customer

Usual time: about an hour (could be more for larger yards)

If Consultation, then…

…I can develop a rough sketch of the yard area, along with approximate plant placement, numbers and sizes, and names (botanical and common for purchase at nursery later). This sketch will be ours when done. Or we can review your ideas, clarify the project and its workability.and develop a rough schedule for the project while reviewing potential contractors and plant/materials suppliers. Cost: $300 for first hour, $100 per hour after on same visit           

Usual time: about an hour (could be more for larger yards). Consultation TBD at time of meeting

If Design, then…

…I'll take measurements of the yard area(s) to begin developing the design rough. Within a day, you'll be emailed a list of drought-tolerant plants to review and from which we'll begin to develop a plant list, many of which will be included in your design. After rendering a rough draft of the design, a review presentation will be scheduled to see if the appropriate concepts have been captured and at which any changes will be determined for the final draft. Once finalized, 4 sets of blueprints will be made and delivered for use by you or your installer. Cost: $750 (small yard) and up (specific irrigation detail additional) 

Usual time frame: one week or more

— Please continue to the "Consult" and "Design" pages for examples of each —


Plant Orders

We also place plant orders in conjunction with a design job. We work through Devil Mountain Nursery in Morgan Hill, offering you the precise plants for your project, drawn from healthy and extensive nursery stock, at contractor prices(often 30-45% lower than your local retail nursery) and delivered to facilitate installer schedule. Cost: 5% of total plant order (minimum $300)  

Time frame: TBD (often one to two weeks depending on availability)

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