Some examples of our commercial settings (includes 4 blueprint copies of details as well as plant lists)
6. St. Paul_Merced.jpg

Commercial design: St. Paul Lutheran Church, Merced, CA. Complete re-do of front areas, with emphasis on drought-tolerance as well as color and "curb appeal". Plant heights designed to draw attention to church architecture and preview interior design  of stained redwood and sweep up visually from church sign to rise of roof line (combination of "river" of yellow lantanas; chinese fountain grass for "lawn"; surrounding stands of redwoods strategically placed to frame structure from road)

Commercial design: Cherry Plaza Condos/San Jose (installer: Romos Landscaping). Multi-street complex was built in the 1970's and wanted to update existing landscaping (emphasis on shrinking existing lawn areas and adding more drought-tolerant plants). Lawn reduction: 50-60% with comparable water savings.

Note Design "B" rejected in final decision (too angular—wanted curved flow to soften multi-condo layout)

Cherry Plaza Landscape Design_Model 1 De

Multiple design options provide constructive choices (e.g., the introduction of curves) and bring a certain degree off flexibility for the installer and the HOA board (much-needed with a "cookie-cutter" era urban design) and connecting the multi-acre complex under a consistent look that will last for years to come


Before…and after (note added areas for BBQ and picnic tables, room for step-out at front doors)


Parkway strip lawns (below) exchanged for Gold Fines crushed granite step-out area and green strip of drought-tolerant coprosma kirkii (right)

Snell MiniStorage (rev. 2, 3:12:19) copy
Snell Mini Storage:SE Corner Entry w:Cha

Commercial design: Snell Mini-Storage/San Jose (installer: Romos Landscaping). Small but important impact area under main sign was refurbished—client had specific ideas to incorporate after first draft…so the result was a bit of a shift in plants and locations (customer is always right)

First draft: note the edits as well as the change list (done via email—owner off site for extended period but wanted to proceed with project ASAP)

Final design: incorporated changes for maximum color impact (no job too small!)