Here are but a few designs/prints from our jobs in a wide variety of residential settings. Each design purchase provides 4 blueprint copies of planting details as well as plant list (irrigation detail extra).

Achillea millifolium "Moonshine" Yarrow

Residential design: Cul-de-sac lot in Sunnyvale  CA. Priority: comply with state Model Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) guidelines for plants and irrigation system/total water usage while providing maximum foliage/bloom color

Rosa 'Naore'

Carpet roses

Lantana montevidensis

(Trailing lavender lantana)

Residential design: front yard, San Jose  CA (Santa Teresa area—emphasis on small lawn footprint, drought-tolerant plants, maximum color)

Looking down side of pergola to dog run of matching artificial turf

Residential design for existing hardscape (lap pool, pergola and patio) behind cottage home in Saratoga, CA. Color palate is green and white; garden area behind garage/off patio; dog run behind house with matching artificial turf continuing off main lawn area

Raised garden area (just off  patio, full sun)

Residential design: planting detail (1 of 10 separate and distinct areas) next to existing fenced pool—with pergola and koi pond areas—in Saratoga, CA

Residential design: back to where it all began…with Quicksilver Landscape Company in the 1980's and a front yard design, Los Gatos


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