Here are but a few designs/prints from our jobs in a wide variety of residential settings & locations. Each design purchase provides 4 blueprint copies of Planting Details page (with plant list) as well as an Info page (with extras on planting & irrigation requirements).
Chang_Front Yard Website p.2.jpg
Chang_Front Yard Website p.1.jpg
Chang 1_edited.jpg

Before…and after (planted two weeks prior to photo)

Residential design: Corner lot in Saratoga,  CA. First customer working with Santa Clara Valley Water District Rebate Program, from plants to irrigation (note p.2 detail with specifics—Dec. 2021). Full rebate awarded within months of completion.

This small footprint dry creek bed isn't just decorative—it hides French drain (3-4' deep) for catching water run-off, solving standing water issues in yard

Davis Front FULL Website p.1.jpg
Davis Front FULL Website p.2.jpg

Current Residential design: Front yard in Almaden Valley in San Jose,  CA. Completely compliant with Santa Clara Valley Water District Rebate Program, from plants to irrigation (note page 2 detail with specifics—Dec. 2021)


Again, quick before…and after (about two months after planting)

Davis (dry creek_french drain front yard).jpeg
Davis_Right Front Walk.jpeg
Davis_Left Front of Walk.jpeg
Prizadeh Front Yard (Staples Rev. 11_23_21) WEB.jpg
Shirin_front wall.jpeg

Next-door Neighbor yet Design Worlds Apart… Their white-themed color-scheme matches existing tree roses and accentuates native dry look of Almaden Valley—compliant with Rebate Program (Dec. 2021)

Shirin_Dry creek from back.jpeg

Dry Creek Bed 
(note downspout, for drainage)

Design_Cochran 11_10_21.jpg

Front planter area

Cochran_front planter.jpeg
Cochran_Creek Bed 1.jpeg
Lantana sellowiana (small jpeg).jpg

Lantana montevidensis
(Trailing lavender lantana)

Residential design: front and back yards, Sunnyvale  CA (off Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd). Turf is artificial, design uses drought-tolerant plants, maximizes color (Sept. 2021)

(For more photos, click here)

Residential design: Front yard in San Jose,  CA. Priorities: transition from large lawn footprint, comply with new state Model Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) guidelines for plants and irrigation system/total water usage while providing maximum foliage/bloom color (Sept. 2020/pre-Rebate Program)

Detail page, including hydrozone (water usage), plant list, planting details, drip irrigation guidelines, and other information

Thomas Design:Front (9:26:2020) JPG:Web
Thomas_front 4.jpeg

Residential design: planting detail (1 of 10 separate and distinct designs) of entry area to an historic 5+ acre estate in Saratoga, CA (2019)

Huang Front (no address).jpg
Huang_front house fountain_edited.jpg
Huang_front drive 1.jpeg

"Drive": former asphalt driveway was converted to pavers (matching the front courtyard at end of drive) with Butterfly Iris and espaliered Fern-leaf Yew and Sasanqua Camellias

Base of heritage cedar… its carefully safeguarded with casual plantings of Agapanthus and Azaleas

Area Indicated "Parking": it was decided to include a fountain in area surrounding parking (to match Spanish theme)

Looking down side of pergola to dog run of matching artificial turf

Forsman Detail copy.jpeg

Residential design for existing hardscape (lap pool, pergola and patio) behind cottage home in Los Gatos, CA. Color palate is green and white; garden area behind garage/off patio; dog run behind house with matching artificial turf continuing off main lawn area (May 2018)

Forsman_side pergola.jpg

Lap pool and spa with elevated planter above (horsetail rushes hide pool equipment)

Raised garden area (just off  patio, full sun)

Scan 1.jpg

Back to the Beginning: residential design from Quicksilver Landscape Company in the 1980's, Los Gatos (lawn conversi0n)