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Chang_Jap Maple w_creek bed.jpeg

This conversion from a high water-usage lawn area qualified for the maximum rebate from the Water District. Customer immediately went from $400 per month to $100 on their water bill (a 75% savings…which will only reduce further as plants mature and less water is needed)

Chang_SE Corner.jpeg
Chang_Right Creek Bed Detail.jpeg
Chang_walkway detail 2.jpeg
Chang_amber roses.jpeg
Chang_Right Creek Bed from NE Corner.jpeg
Chang_right of walkway to front door.jpeg

Once more, the emphasis is on maximum color, flowering throughout year that attracts mainly butterflies and hummingbirds, proper drainage and water capture, and a good variety of leave textures and colors

A few of the mature existing plants were kept to help ground the design while enhancing them with complimentary plantings. But the landscaping brought this Saratoga home from the 1980's into the present

Dry creek areas capture precious run-off from downspouts 

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