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Chuang SW corner.jpeg
— More pictures from the Saratoga​ Residence —

Situated on a quiet corner, this front yard  lawn area is now a soothing showcase of colorful, drought-tolerant shrubs and groundcovers for all passers-by after only a year and a half!


The delicate magenta blossoms of Rock purslane blossoms (Calandrinia spectabulus) give a foretaste of the beauty that awaits behind them. 

Hummingbird sage (left) welcomes the wind-dancers to the rest  of their banquet in the yard.

Rock Rose (Cistus purpureus) provides abundant pink,  paper mache-like flowers throughout the yard throughout warm season

Chuang NW corner.jpeg

A much-needed dry creek bed directs and captures rain water, allowing it to strategically soak into the ground, reducing erosion and providing necessary additional water to the yard. Native California plants (Ceanothus grisseus & pyracantha) enhance the meadow look while providing food for pollinators and hummingbirds.

The gently-curving walkway passes a variety of pinks, yellows, and purple blossoms on its way to the front door from the parking area.

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