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Conversion from a high water-usage lawn area to a casual garden, now filled with drought-tolerant color and flowers almost year-round (attracting butterflies and hummingbirds). Qualified for rebate under Santa Clara Valley Water District guidelines.

Davis_left front corner.jpeg
Davis_full dry creek_french drain.jpeg

Dry creek accent hides a French drain (4' deep) for catching rainwater run-off (previously a soggy issue in yard)

Davis_lantana & sage.jpeg
Davis_ Yarrow & bougainvillea.jpeg
Davis_front door corner.jpeg
DBD Front Page_Davis.jpeg

Drought-tolerant does NOT mean dull— there are a world of textures and colors for the hot and drier Almaden Valley (and elsewhere)

Davis_french drain, dry creek combo.jpeg
Davis_Cistus & Nepenthes.jpeg
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