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The oft-neglected parkway strip (between street and sidewalk) can provide a wealth of color and texture, softening the visual approach to the rest of the yard and introducing a large palate to interest the casual passerby and delight the neighbors

Thomas_pkwy strip.jpeg
Thomas_walk to back.jpeg
Thomas_front yard.jpeg

Plants introduced in the parkway are echoed across the sidewalk—the shaded steps lead invitingly to the back yard while nestling up against the base of the book barn (a la Little Free Library ®) which encourages neighbors to drop by and share books regularly

Tomas_cistus (close-up).jpeg

Much-needed extra driveway space comes by way of loose-lay pavers, softening the functional look with natural color and providing percolation, not run-off, of rainwater for surrounding plants

Thomas_color off driveway.jpeg
Thomas_side of driveway.jpeg
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