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Downs NW patio to SE corner.jpeg

Flagstone steps immediately invite you to step off the patio and out into the yard to experience more closely (and make maintenance all the easier)

Backyard Retreat in Milpitas

When the grandkids grow up, it's time to transition from lawn to a grownup yard with lots of color and green just off the covered patio to visually cool even the warm summers of the area.

Nestled in the back corner is a birdbath quietly awaiting its next customer. Taller plants surrounding it visually tether it in place, providing a bit of privacy but allow watchers access

Existing challenges of matching/complimenting the existing landscaping become opportunities for each element to shine. Here the curved retaining wall sets the sweeping rhythm as pathway heads out to meet and dance with it while background trees additionally anchor the stage set. 

The original planting was November 2023 — photos are from June 2024 (barely 7 months later). When properly designed and installed, dreams quickly come to fruition in a beautiful landscape!

A curving walkway lazily circles around to a birdbath surrounded by Salvia 'Wendy's Wish' (AKA Hummingbird Bush) while passing a wide variety of textures and colors (mid-picture is Cistus purpureus/Purple Rock Rose, whose delicate, paper mache-like  flowers hide that its one of the prettiest and most drought-tolerant plants in the yard)

Downs (catmint).jpeg

Even the family cat "appreciates" the use of catmint (Nepeta 'Walker's Low') which lines the pathway (it's been known to lie out in the rain while enjoying the intoxicating smell!)

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