Get a design that…

√ Looks good
√ Is unique to each customer
√ Is clear (either homeowner or contractor can work from)
√ Uses readily-available, drought-tolerant plants and drip irrigation parts
√ Is adaptable
√ Makes your installation a winner!

     Where Do We Start?

I can join in at any point along in your project:

When you know “you’d like something” but aren’t sure where to begin—I offer anything from simple consultation to full design (so each contractor bids on same project specifications)

When you’ve begun the project and aren’t sure of your next step—I can offer owner-specific guidance to get you to completion

When you need a simple sketch for referral (or for a "do-it-yourself" project)—I can come up with a quick design that will include what you'd like (artistry) with what works (experience)

Thomas Design:p. 3 DBD Website.JPG

Commercial design: Condo complex update, San Jose

Whatever the circumstances, I can help provide for your design needs, bringing the degree of professionalism which will compliment your abilities as you enhance the curb appeal and value of your house both on the block and in the community.

Don Schneider, owner

Designs by Don

Residential design: Back yard garden area

(with existing creek bed), San Jose